Connectivity, Electronics, Automation & Software from Weidmuller

Connectivity, Electronics, Automation, Assemblies & Software from Weidmuller

Be it manufacturing, electrical management or IIoT, Weidmuller is a leading manufacturer with a range of products & solutions that are ideal for any application. As an authorised distributor, we’re here to ensure your application is well served and are available to support any new or existing installations.

Specialising in the industrial environment of power, signal and data, Weidmuller is constantly adapting to the technological challenges of tomorrow to ensure that you have the products you need today. Weidmuller’s innovative, sustainable and useful solutions are available to support your new and existing application.

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IoT Controller & PLCs: U_MATION Portfolio

Controls (PLC)

Implement small, large, and networked control solutions flexibly with high-performance, modular controller hardware. Thanks to the scalable engineering software, our u-control 2000 adapts individually to your requirements. Furthermore, the u-control is powerful, compact and fully compatible with our I/O system u-remote.

Industrial IoT

Our comprehensive and cutting-edge Industrial IoT portfolio applies to both, greenfield and brownfield applications. Weidmuller offer components and solutions from data acquisition, data pre-processing, data communication and data analysis.

Energy Management System

Get your own individual energy management system with our integrated expertise from a single source

  • Measuring and Monitoring Systems: Solutions for smart machines, factories, and grids

Energy management includes recording all relevant energy consumption data, analysing the information obtained, and comprehensive consulting on possible saving potential.

Product innovations include u-sense energy drives, u-sense vibration, plug & play box

Weidmuller Power Supplies

topGUARD from Weidmuller

Maximum power for your production environment and comprehensive solutions for the panel and the field

Meet all your requirements with our modular power supply concept “connectPower”

The power supply products can also be used universally in conjunction with our Industrial Ethernet, lightning and surge protection, relays and semiconductor switches, and can be combined to form many complete solutions.

Product innovations include topGUARD, PROtop, IO-link Module and INSTA POWER meet all your requirements in terms of efficiency.

Weidmuller HMIs

Touch panels

Intuitive visualisation and operation of HMI applications

With our u-view touch panels and the web-based, scalable software u-create PROCON-WEB, you have the whole process chain at your fingertips.

Weidmuller Industrial PCs

Flexible implementation of visualisation, control and IoT applications

The u-view high-performance IPCs and Panel PCs enable the flexible control, operation and monitoring of machines and systems. They are highly reliable and designed for state-of-the-art visualisation, control, and IoT applications.

Weidmuller Solutions & Applications

Applications | Connectivity, Electronics, Automation & Software from Weidmuller
  • Machine and Factory Automation (Automotive & Robotics, Consumer Goods and Packaging, Elevator & Escalator, Intralogistics)
  • Energy (Wind, Photovoltaics, Traditional Power, Transmission & Distribution)
  • Transport (Railway, Marine)
  • Device Manufacturers
  • Process Engineering (Oil & Gas, Chemical & Pharmaceutical, Water and Wastewater Treatment, Mining, Minerals & Metallurgy, Pulp & Paper, Glass)

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